You surely know that your iPhone has build-in HDR; in your iPhone 4, 4s, 5 or 6.... And I guess    
    you know that several HDR-apps are on the market; bort free and nonfree.    
    You can easily take HDR's using your iPhone, and I can promise you that all the HDR apps are    
    doing a great job. Not just fine, but really great. Just try and you will see the difference in your    
     But remember that the standard photoapp in your phone has an HDR app - and it is good too!    
    Your iPhone is a Swiss knife of

    opportunities - also when you    
    want to capture HDR. Most of    
    the apps take two pictures, merge    
    them and run a tonemapping    
    mostly using predefined settings.    
    But they do it well.    
    I use PRO HDR for my HDR's.    
    I find that PRO HDR handle    
    the light very good and give my    
    the best images.    
    But there is a price to pay.    
    PRO HDR takes about 10 sec.    
    to shoot the images, merge and    


    Using the build-in HDR in the app "Camera",      
    Everything looks familiar. Select "HDR" in "settings"      
    and you are ready to go.      
    ap the "shoot"-icon (the camera) and your iPhone      
    will shoot two pictures. Don't move the iPhone while      
    it is shooting the pictures.      
    Your iPhone will then merge the pictures into a HDR      
    and then run the tonemapping.      

APP: Camera

      Start screen using PRO HDR. Tap the screen to set focus and to    
      tell the app where to make the 0-exposure. Then the camera shoot    
      two pictures. Again: Don't move your iPhone.    
      Once the pictures are in your iPhone they will be merged and the    
      HDR will be tonemapped. Then you can tune the tone mapping and    
        at the end you need to save the image,      



    iPhone images  using iPhone 4.