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  A little movement!  

Of course movement (ghosting) in your HDRs sucks. It is just no good if the viewer thinks "That is really not okay". But sometimes movement is wanted and sometimes you might find creative use of movement in your HDRs.

Photomatix can help - but you make it all happen.

Movement is not always about the elements in your images. Movement can just as well be you and your camera moving. Look at the picture below. I am standing in a small dinghy as we are passing a low bridge in the central part of Copenhagen.

I wanted to keep the movement of me and the camera; but I did not want the blue  tourist boat to show any movement - even it was sailing.

I took three pictures for this image. I wanted to keep a fast shuttertime for the normal exposure (0 picture) to make sure I could avoid movment in the tourist boat. Three pictures has a faster combined shuttertime than five pictures would have. I did furthermore settle with only one EV-step between each picture - again to keep the shuttertime short. But remember: The shuttertime for the + 1 EV pictures is long enough to ensure movement in the dark areas of the image (under the bridge).

I did not turn up ISO. It would have provided faster shuttertimes for sure; but I still needed the movement in the dark areas.....

I gained a lot of movement in the dark areas of the image and I avoided movement in the bright areas. To ensure it stayed that way, I used "selective deghosting" in Photomatix - not "automatic deghosting". I made a mask covering the view outside the tunnel and the reflection of the opening in the water. Deghosting was only made in that mask. 


  Movement might be reduced taken fewer
  pictures in your series for HDR
  Movement migt be reduced using small
  EV-steps between each frame
  You reduce shuttertime when you turn up







Details and colours


Soft water



    You know "the look" when HDRs have plenty   Soft water and HDR colours are just one great
    of "look"..... here is how to do that   pair. See all the settings for this image



Sunrays in the forest



    Catch and keep the light in the forest and make    
    sure that the wonderful autumn colours follow